Godfrey’s Story

Matthew House
Dec 11, 2018 · 2 min read

“Brothers and sisters, let’s join hands and support Matthew House because many of us are what we are as a result of their dedicated and unwavering support to refugees, newly arrived persons and strangers alike.”

At an Internet café in Kenya while living in exile, Godfrey discovered Matthew House. He had fled his home country of Uganda due to political beliefs threatening his life and was at a loss of where to go next. Through the recommendation of a Catholic priest back in Uganda, he was told about Matthew House and was able to find the address online. Months later, he would call this place home.

Although his arrival in Toronto was met with shockingly cold winter weather, Godfrey had the comfort of knowing that there was some hope. After leaving the immigration office at the Toronto airport, he gave the address he had found online for Matthew House.

Godfrey felt the warmth of Matthew House as soon as he arrived. “I eventually relaxed and began to feel good,” he says. “They gave me a hot meal and a package of personal items (welcome kit) like towels, tooth brushes, soaps, lotions and socks.”

Not only was he welcomed with resources, but Godfrey also learned about the settlement process including meeting a lawyer, opening a bank account and getting a SIM card. He had the chance to explore the places in the city and build a network of relationships.

Nowadays, Godfrey is happy to have completed a successful refugee hearing. “God bless the management, staff and all well-wishers of Matthew House with happiness, success and good long life.”

Matthew House

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A community of hope that provides welcome, shelter, and support to newly arrived refugee claimants in Toronto, Canada.

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