5 things to do in Antalya

Destination sweet destination: Antalya

Turkey is emerging as one of the top short-flight destinations this year. Outside the eurozone, its exchange rate is kind to British and German visitors. The country has a huge coastline with an unending succession of resorts mixed up with quiet little coves and fishing villages. You are guaranteed top-wattage sunshine and a famously warm welcome.

We picked up 5 activites to do in Antalya for you. Here are 5 reasons to be Digital Nomad at Antalya.

1 — Visit Kaleici , the old town.

The architecture in Kaleiçi is amazing; at every corner on every street you will find an old building worth to take a picture. Many of these building are renovated and are run as boutique hotels. In the evening you can enjoy nightlife at one of the several restaurants and bars, even some with live music.

2 — Make a tour of Perge historical places

Perge (18 kilometers / 11 miles from Antalya) is an important historical place to visit. It was settled by the Hittites around 1500 B.C. Kestros (Aksu) river, which runs near the acropolis, made Perge like a port because it was possible to navigate from the sea to the city. Thus, an important trade route starting from Side run through the nearby city of Aspendos and then Perge.

3- Go to Termessos ancient city

Termessos is ancient city outside of Antalya in Taurus mountains. It is part of national park, never crowded. It contains light treck to get there. There is beautiful nekropola and amphitheater.

4 — Make a picnic at Kursunlu Waterfalls

Very nice park with beautiful falls. The water is very clear, which really makes you want to swim in it, but this is, unfortunately, forbidden. However, the surroundings are really nice and it is a perfect location for a nice picnic.

5 — Do River Rafting

So Antalya has too many option and too many beautiful things to do.You can enjoy the life as a Digital Nomad here. Come and enjoy your life here.

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