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There is an element that is not even mentioned. The rioting began before anyone knew anything. I knew that officer wasn’t white because the first report was a “MAN HAD BEEN SHOT BY POLICE” That is media code for, we are working the spin machine so that we have a “STORY” and not news. The other issue that is very troubling is that this suspect was shot because he brought deadly force on to the police. He was give opportunities to drop the weapon and had he made his choice. He would have been just another criminal going to jail if he would have done what? yeah I know it just kills you to admit it, and thus the “Shift the blame to whitey” continues. God knows we will never hear, “Yes, he was a troubled man, but he made his choice and the police did their job.” However, we now know is that the Black Lives Matter movement is not interested in the police doing the job they are suppose to be doing regardless of race. In this article Ms. Townes highlights that the BLACK man was shoot by a BLACK police officer after raising his gun at the police. Why this has anything to do with this is the most troubling part. So, what is being said here is that not only should the police not track down a felon, who happens to be black and is “fleeing with a gun.” So, I guess if he had …what?!? shot the white cop and then was shot…are you kidding me? Let’s be clear here. The Black Lives Matter group not only destroyed and looted because a black man tried to shoot the police. I mean, what more do you need? However, we convolute this process by justifying their actions as a result of oppression? I was a part of the military deployment to LA in 92 and I saw for my own eyes what we really have here. 63 people died in that riot and most at the hands of blacks. I could read off the names but it wouldn’t matter cause no one would care. A mother who was trying to get home was dragged from her car and beaten to death. A man was pulled from his truck and had his skull crushed on live TV ( They were white in case you wanted to know) and yet the police and the rest of America are not suppose to fear blacks. Let me ask this? How many innocent people have died in riots started by blacks? Blacks claim police brutality and all America sees is the most cruel forms of violence from blacks. While we can sure listen to the stories of bad cops and the ones who have GONE TO PRISON…unlike the LA 4 who got off while the LA cops did go to federal prison. Where does this end? where is the line? Who stands up and says ENOUGH! Real change doesn’t come from a fist, or a gun. So, I think it starts in the mirror. Stop protecting CRIMINALS and stop committing such horrible acts of violence. No one talks about the 17 black men in Mississippi who kidnaped, Gang Raped and then tossed gas on a white girl and burned her ALIVE. Dec.15th 2015. No one wants to talk about the threats made by Louis Farrakhan when he stated, “Hunt them down (Whites) and slay them. Allah has given us this retribution”. The real problem is the MEDIA, they ONLY show what gets them the story. Do you think WHITES are going to riot and attack blacks? The point is this, for as long as you make excuses for violence then there can be only one outcome: Hate will beget hate and violence will beget violence. Most Americans struggle to make ends meet, the rich control ALL of the real power and some how beating and hurting people in your own community means what? One thing is for sure, America has really seen that blacks are as capable of racism just as whites are, now if they were held to the same standard of hate crimes. Ever heard of a black person being charged, let alone convicted of a hate crime? Yeah…lot’s of work to do.

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