There is an idea that the language a person speaks has an influence on their cognition. Known as Linguistic Relativism, Linguistic Determinism or The Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis, language and its structures limit and determine human knowledge or thought, controlling categorization memory and perception.

First explore definitions.

Think how you speak

Most people turn to science when looking for knowledge without further scrutiny. Let’s explore the relationship between science and knowledge. I don’t know why, but I am also required to talk about epistemic responsibility as well.

The first thing that needs to be accepted for the sake of this article…

[“Skepticism” looks better]

Unfortunately, these days scepticism is commonly associated with “climate change denial” or the Flat Earth Society. However, philosophically, scepticism is the notion that true knowledge can never be obtained. In my last article, I came to the conclusion that knowledge can never be obtained. Therefore, I am…

If it isn’t clear already, I always attempt to disprove the existence or possibility of concepts, which is science, according to Karl Popper, a 20th century philosopher.

Most people fail to question what knowledge is and whether it can be obtained. I will do so here.

OK Google, define knowledge


facts, information, and…

Faster or slower than a second per second

From as early as 400BCE, humans have been wondering about breaking the boundaries of the present. From the Hindu epic, Mahabharata, to the 2015 Project Almanac, time travel continues to raise controversy and speculation.

So why is this so?

Moving on…

Forward time travel was dreamt of before backwards.

The Mahabharata depicts…

Questioning your Identity

“Who are you?”

At first, it seems like a simple question, you are [your name], but it really isn’t simple as that.

Mostly people would introduce themselves with their name, age, occupation or school then their interests. Before they even speak, a stranger will notice their skin and hair colour…

What makes us special?

Cause-and-Effect is a relationship known to everyone.

It is an idea so simple that it is discovered independently in infancy. At only 8 months, children become familiar with the idea that interacting with objects produces sounds; this is evident when shaking a rattle or banging a spoon.

The order of…

Harry Choi

A Year 11 ex-Philosophy student

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