Hard Work > Smart Work

As seen at Chinatown, Singapore.

As I was getting lost in the busy lanes of Chinatown, I was particularly lured to the colorful umbrellas beneath which were small businesses like repairing watches and fixing pencil heels. And, remarkably, these were all done by people of the Young Singapore, the people from the past who would have been part of the Singapore which got a face lift right now.

Now, why I brought this into the picture? Because people like them serve as little reminders of what we look right through, that hard work is always more attractive than smart work. Something that gives you the fulfilment, the joy that you failed but you still tried with your heart, the pride that you won through days of toil, something that is pristine to the order of infinity, something that you call yours and yours alone. And most importantly, something that will never leave you dissatisfied like half baked work/ smart work/ short cuts. 
What gleams right through is hard work. Call me old school, but I can never fit into the 80–20 rule. And I can bet, that the World around us was programmed that way, all this while, whereas we try to change it constantly, without giving up, every single day.

Honest efforts, true passion and hard work can never go to the dumps. Something that I have been instilled from birth, something that will show a path ahead.

Because hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. Like the hare and the tortoise story. Basically, don’t mask your laziness under the label of smart work.

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