Poda Poromboke!

Not many of us, even me, until today know the ACTUAL impact of what development is doing to the environment around us. At first, it all seems rosy, better things in life, not needing to lead the simpleton life, however it all comes back to us, once again, uglier.

I happened to be a part of one such thing today, something which I’d not go out of my way for. However, I came out of the library, with the happiness of learning about something new and something that I’ve been neglecting too.

The madness that’s happening around us, 24/7, called development knows no bounds and seems to break every possible boundary to attain heights that always seem astonishing and leaves us at awe. Factories, ironically, sprout out faster than plants and are killing the surroundings around us, slowly yet steadily. On a scale, coming to think of what is necessary, clean food, water, air actually is. We can’t live like saints, yes, we do need our luxuries.

However, at what cost?

Day in, day out, the amount of waste and pollutants any average factory churns out is A LOT. More than what you think. And it pollutes, on a daily basis. As this keeps happens, our so called ‘quality of life’ only decreases, not increases, despite what many people think.

What is Poromboke?

I knew the meaning a few years ago and ever since then I’ve stopped using it to diss anyone. ‘Porom’ means the outskirts of a village/city and ‘boke’ means off the Government records. This is an uncultivable land and is open to use by any person belonging to the village/city meaning that no one has any particular ownership to the land. However, what’s happening right now is that, we see ports and factories coming up in such lands, thus, we see them claiming ownership and this is all just a small part of the major destruction that is happening to the place we are living in.

The infamous Chennai Floods is just the tip of the iceberg and this can lead to extensive damage, if we allow what’s happening to take course and if that does take place, life might become living hell. There are water bodies which aren’t revivable anymore, however the water body at focus today, the Ennore Creek is still revivable and it’s up to us to make a choice.

6 fishing villages, a few thousands of people and their livelihood depends on fishing and despite this Creek falling apart, bit by bit, every single day, the have no choice but to catch on to what their roots has taught them.

Mr Nithyanand Jayaram very tactfully mentioned too that ‘there is no solution by any engineer to this.’(Ouch!)

Sometimes, it’s not just about YOU, YOUR family, YOUR income, YOUR peace, YOUR everything. Sometimes, the seemingly small yet big things like this needs your attention too. Someone asked me today, ‘Why do you even go for such things? What are you going to do knowing all this? You have certain things to do, so do it. Like your exams, your work. Prioritize.’

Yes, I am prioritizing.

When everything outside that’s needed for you to survive is going dead, what are you working towards, you living a better life? Hah.

There are a LOT of things books and colleges and staying cooped up at home doesn’t teach you. If your brain is still confined within 4 walls, may God bless you.

Learning a new thing everyday, check. What next? I don’t know. But that next will be better than this.