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Do EU institutions cover up jus cogens crimes — medical experimentation performed WITHOUT consent?

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Call with the European Ombudsman (, recorded on July 24 2019.


On June 28th I sent an inquiry to the European Ombudsman via their Contact Form ( — not via Complaint form (, since I did not know whether they can even take a complaint regarding such matter.

I asked very simple questions:

a) Considering that package with documents I sent to the ECHR (European Court of Human Rights) was tampered with and documents were removed from that package, should I file notification of a crime?

It is a crime to tamper with any packages, especially those addressed strictly…

Medical / scientific experimentation performed on me WITHOUT my consent

Resulted in serious and permanent injury to my body, including most intimate parts of my body

  • To this day multiple puncture wounds are visible on my left groin and directly related to them damage of the genital, urinary and nervous systems
  • 9 reports from 8 different medical professionals corroborate all of the physical symptoms — Computer Tomography (CT), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) including nerve MRI, Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT), 3 ultrasound (USG) tests including nerve ultrasound, and physical examinations performed by specialist physicians, including world-renowned specialist in examination of the nervous system
  • Observed injury is iatrogenic, which can only take…

How mass surveillance, sold as means to fight terrorism, is being used to terrorize populations and implement “invisible” totalitarianism

Video presentation:

In the so called post-Snowden / post-Assange era, awareness of mass surveillance maybe nothing new to you.. but what if you found out that these same technologies, which were officially sold to the public as ways to prevent terrorism, are being used in the exact opposite way, i.e.:

  • To cover up crimes, including medical / scientific experimentation without consent
  • To deny your right to live, including preventing you from diagnosing your health condition
  • To deny your free choice of employment and means of subsistence
  • To prevent you from freely associating and cooperating with people who share your…

The Criminal Law Team of the Office of the Ombudsman became interested in the case of flagrant violations of the provisions of law in proceedings conducted in connection with the events of January 2014, asking the Regional Prosecutor in Kraków to examine the case files in terms of assessing their correctness.

(…) Reading copies of documents made available by Mr Michał SIEMASZKO undoubtedly confirms that the discussed preparatory proceedings were not conducted against a specific person and as a result they were ended with the refusal to initiate an investigation at the stage of in rem proceedings. In the…

Commentary on the provisions contained in the Geneva Convention, the UN Declaration of Human Rights, the European Convention on Human Rights and the Penal Code on the basis of selected excerpts from judgments.

Guide to Jurisprudence on Torture and Ill-treatment

(…) Violations Due to a Lack of an Effective Investigation (…) in order to provide a plausible explanation of how the injuries were caused, the State must conduct an effective investigation into allegations of ill-treatment.

The finding of a violation due to the lack of an effective investigation would appear to have arisen in order to address difficulties encountered…

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