The finalized color slider layout

My problem with existing color pickers

I tried using already available color picker packages (mainly this one), but I didn’t like the experience any of them offered. So I decided I had to make my own. The main requirements were to only have 2 sliders in total; one to pick the primary color and one to adjust the shade of color (ie. sliding from darkest to lightest). Since other color sliders map values directly in RGB, HSV, or HSL they all had 3 sliders (one for each value) which I didn’t like.

Learning how colors work with RGB

Before I…

6am hits and my alarm starts ringing. My eyes open and I reach over to turn the alarm off. Instantly I feel the dread set in and the last thing I want to do is take my fuzzy blanket off and get out of the warm bed.

I have plans. My roommate and I agreed to do some cardio at a nearby field in the morning. But in the current moment all I could think of was how to tell him I can’t go.

I’m going to text him and say I was up late last night and really am…

So you’re writing a Flutter app and now you want to allow the user to select photos and/or videos from their device? You don’t want to use the device’s default image picker because you think it’s lame?

Great news, this is the tutorial for you!


In order to create a custom media selector we must first find a way to access the images and videos stored on the device. Luckily, there is an amazing Flutter package that exists for doing this! …

Max Stoller

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