Be a change ..

In Today’s world the life continuously changeable we daily decide new milestone to see ourselves better than yesterday but by deciding new milestone sometimes we choose that path which is harmful to us

There is a great quotation of life is that we all think that we can achieve hard things by choosing the hard way but why can’t we choose the easy way to do that , and on knowing that we are not ready to walk on that hard way why we give pain to ourselves and that pain transfer in form of anger like a energy which can neither create nor destroy it just transferring one form to another

The biggest reason why we can’t change is only and only for our I. Nobody wants to reduce their I if there is any place of I, it is on the hell. We all live in a society in which people depends on each other and there is no place of I exist in this world.

So give a direction to yourself to see a change of brighter part of the universe ,if you observe universe, it follow’s the darkness and our eyes always find brightness so if people do bad things and they seem to live happily, no they are not happy they are going in the depth of universe in which they never come back what you can do just open your eyes and see the light(right way) and follow on your heart it will really guide .

So give a change to yourself to reduce your ego, respect elders, younger ’s, live for others, keep smiling, become someone’s smile and find a good reason to live the life because it’s only one.

Your action should be like this, that others can follow it.Do not become a hero be a person first.

Sometimes you have to travel on that path where people hate you, and disrespect you because they do not want to see those people who can draw a new line of life so don’t be afraid just go ahead, do what want do you want, life is calling you.

I definitely can say that the sun is rising again and this sun’s brightnesss can change the world.
Don’t wait for a change be a change
This journey will never end…

By Mohit Kumar Khatwani