My argument has been that we need to stop playing petty politics (both parties) and media, and…
Charles Tyler

I don’t know how many more times I can say this but let’s try again, I agree with you. You are stating the same problem over and over again with no solution other than “we should talk about more issues and policies.” Great! Now you need to provide a solution as to how we get people to listen and care. I didn’t say everyone was dumb but a lot of people are in their little bubbles and don’t have time or energy to hear a bunch of people debate healthcare. Sure, there are plenty of people who do want to know more but as this election proved, once again, is that at least those who voted for Trump did not care about the solutions but focused on the problems, which is exactly what you are doing. It’s easy to say this is a problem, that is a problem and get people to believe and support you. Following through with a solution is a whole different issue. Trump wanted to repeal Obamacare and put in something better. I don’t think you can find a single person who wouldn’t agree to having a better healthcare system. Now, how do you accomplish that? Same thing with your argument. How do we get the average American to stop their normal everyday time wasting activities and pay attention to boring subjects so they may be more educated? It’s not as simple as news needs to talk about it more because people will tune out and watch Dancing With the Stars instead. Once we stop focusing on problems and start focusing on solutions, we will be much better off. I have no idea how to accomplish that so I guess I’m no better than everyone else.

Also, people believe it’s fake news because it goes against their viewpoints so rather than try and understand what the argument is saying, they simply dismiss it and deem it “fake news.”

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