Why I don’t write my workouts

Things change from the time that you hop on your car to drive to the gym, from the time that you are warming up. Muscles may feel tighter or weaker than expected so adjustments need to be made. I understand having a set plan on paper, but personally, I prefer going into the gym with a mindset of accomplishment rather than just having a routine written down.

I feel if I have a set amount of reps on paper, I feel limited to doing those reps and maybe squeezing one or 2 more. I can also be in a mood to do a random superset because I can. I can also feel like going heavier than I expected. I depends on how my body feels and what it’s telling me.

On the other hand, writing your workouts ahead of time is great if you are competing for powerlifting, bodybuilding, weightlifting, etc. Since tracking exact numbers is critical for results.

Going back on a personal level, my priority is building my personal training business and I have enjoyed and gotten results from ‘going with the flow’ in an organized and progressive manner with how my body feels. It has also been less stressful on my mind not having to resort to checking a paper after every set or exercise.

That’s just my 2 cents on why I don’t write my own workouts. If writing down your program works for you, that’s awesome and I wish all the success in the world for you. If you enjoyed this read, tap on the little heart you see on the right side. I appreciate it!