Consolidating the build environment

Over time a dense forest of technologies for storing and building software has grown up around our code. A gaggle of source control management and continuous integration servers all working together in a confusion of undocumented scripts and server setups.

We don’t have an internal IT- or operations department. We have clever people who find solutions for their problems. Usually they don’t feel the need to document those solutions. When they move on, their solutions remain — ticking away quietly — until the day they break. Then someone else looks at the solution and makes a few hacks to get it working again.

Rinse, lather, repeat.

I worked here as my very first job out of college, and when I moved on to other opportunities, I no doubt left a few ticking bombs behind. Unlike the other aspiring devops engineers, I made the mistake of coming back many years later. Now I’m older, and cope poorly with IT chaos.

So; time to clean up and consolidate.

My first target will be the SCM/CI setup. If that doesn’t kill me, I’ll move on to internal documentation, which is even worse (Lotus Notes, Twiki, SharePoint, INSANITY).

On the left is my working drawing of the current .Net/Java build platform; on the right my vision of tomorrow.

Before / After

To be continued …