A Response to the Senate vote today

I use Twitter a lot. You can follow me there if you want @mhwelch1211. But what I just realized is I have more to say than just 140 characters. So every week I will make a post in response to an issue that I am fired up about and want to share my thoughts on. Ideally it will come out towards the end of the week! Mostly it will be about politics and it will be about something I’m interested in, but feel free to comment or tweet at me a topic!

For my first post, here’s the article that I want to respond to: http://nyti.ms/2nB0IFu. I have two groups of people I want to address this post to and I hope it comes off as sympathetic and critical when it needs to. If it doesn’t come off well, I listen to criticism so don’t be afraid to comment.

First, to the women that this vote will effect: I am sorry. I don’t know what this must feel like to have your government going after your rights to health care that meets your needs. I am so sorry that our government wants to tell you what you can and cannot do with your body. I do not feel that way at all. I am so sorry that the men in that room do not care about you and don’t understand the difference between an abortion and women’s health care. I can only imagine just how scared you must feel that the government will continually attempt to restrict your access to the affordable health care you need. I see what they are doing and I want you to know that it makes me mad too. It isn’t right and I will be there fighting with you.

Now, to the Senators who voted for this, I have some words for you too. Can you not develop a more nuanced opposition to abortion than this? Real talk, I’m a liberal Democrat but I am also a Christian. Morally, I am very much opposed to abortion and I view it as the worst case scenario of a pregnancy that we should try to avoid as strenuously as possible. Legally, I have no opposition to abortion because Roe v. Wade has established that women have a right to access an abortion. Can you guys not see it that way? In your heart of hearts, oppose abortion and try to avoid it. But as lawmakers, please stop trying to take away money from places like Planned Parenthood that do so much more for women than just providing abortions.

In fact, to Republicans, here are some of my ideas of things that would be more productive than de-funding Planned Parenthood. Pioneer Sex Ed in middle and high schools that is not abstinence only, because it’s 2017 and everyone should know that abstinence only Sex Ed doesn’t work! Vote for initiatives that would provide counseling to pregnant women considering abortion so that women know there is support for them to keep their child if they would like to. Fight strenuously for birth control to be covered by all health insurance, including employer-provided insurance. Work toward making birth control less expensive and make it available over the counter if possible. In fact, make a reversal and offer birth control over the counter and make Plan B require a doctor’s visit. That’s the system used in South Korea and I understand the logic of it. Anyway, this post could go on and on of things that are more helpful to women than blocking funds to a clinic just because it happens to provide abortions.

Anyway, that’s my weekly post. With what’s going on these days, there is always going to be something for me to talk about. See you guys next week!