The Implications of Neuralink
Nathan Bashaw

Then, at last! As some people wanted for quite many years… everything will be at our immediate reach for a price. Pay per view, ads in our mind that we cannot look away from, etc. Hey! No need for a computer for you to control, something really yours! Let us take care of everything for you! And then, after some testing years, world’s governments will make it mandatory turning Neuralink into an implant inside your very brain. Well that wouldn’t be needed because, after all, there will be always some thousands of thousands of stupids eager to tie themselves to any device that’s fun. Even more so if it is expensive!

Just some words. The point about intelligence in nature is just survival. Naturally speaking, computer programs will never be intelligent. AI doesn’t even exists. It’s just a name we confer to some algorithms. Computers do what we tell it (note I use IT here on purpose) to do. That won’t change tomorrow. And as much as I have enjoyed your enthusiast point of view (on which I only perceive the darkest dystopia I’ve ever read): no thanks.

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