How And Why I Hired A Killer COO Out Of >250 Applications With This 4-Step-Process
Feliks Eyser

Hi Feliks, I appreciate your insights published in this article but it feels slightly awkward thinking about being part of this recruiting process. From experience I can tell it is quite common for Germany to have recruiting processes which can easily take up to 6 months till businesses finally make their decision. I was sitting on both ends during my career so far and can tell you will have high potentials dropping out because they are simply not in the position to wait or simply not patient enough till you finally tell them if they made it or not. Secondly, I wouldn’t recommend to go with assignments during a recruiting process especially from a start-up. You pretty much ask for ideas from highly experienced professionals without giving rewards. Maybe some people are willing to go this route but I would rate this exercise as a cheap way of stealing my IP.
Anyways, I didn’t google the year when you were born but I was quite surprised to find such an outdated approach for a recruiting process by someone who claimed to be an entrepreneur. It might be worth to think about adding some scientific ingredients to your recipe…