Lets go and do something really uncomfortable today!

A few fond Fridays ago our fearless leader, Emma, spent the day at Investible’s AngelPitch event. Here is a little of what she learnt!

Big love x Alice

This would have to be the most nerve wracking thing I’ve done for my business… So far..

Investible who do an amazing job with start-up businesses held their most recent ‘AngelPitch’ event recently.

We learnt how to refine and define our business in a 60 second ‘Elevator Pitch’.

This for me was the most daunting thing I have done in my adult life. Being in my early 20’s the most public speaking (infront of 100+people) was at school assembly’s knowing everyone was younger and less wise than I. So here it is, a day of networking and pitching to INVESTORS and people much older and wiser than I.

I was lucky to have a whole half a day of Masterclass before the pitching began. Led by the amazing Creel Price, I realised that a lot of what is holding any business back from succeeding is refining, defining and preparation.

Refining: Yes, when someone asks you what you do, you normally tend to say 10 lengthy sentences and only get out one point.

When we learnt to refine, we cut out all of the unnecessary mumbo jumbo and bring it down to the bare essentials so your potential investors or clients don’t get confused.

Defining: If you didn’t already have a well thought through business structure and idea, this would have been a learning curve.

We learnt here to define what we are, who we serve and why we are the best at what we do. Not much more simple than that.

Preparation: Too many businesses fail because they don’t do the hard work of the refining and defining. This preparation stage is crucial to all businesses and all circumstances within business.

Whether you are preparing to see an investor, client and just forming the business in general, all else fails if you don’t do the work.

Lunch time hit and I was a mess, nerves like it was the first day of the netball season back in primary school — you didn’t know if it was going to be a good season or an extremely bad season. After lunch the time had come for us to be drafted off into our groups to practice before we met the real investors.

By this time I had my pitch in my chronologically but it didn’t come out fluently. A few more tries with my peers in the group and I had some confidence! Not as much as Year 12 assembly but enough to put on a brave face and smash my pitch.

60 seconds on the dot and I had shown enthusiasm, eye contact and the allusion of my know my details (thank you English).

I was super proud of myself and you could tell after each person’s pitch there was camaraderie between the group — support and proudness for each person that they had conquered what they had set out to do.

The networking sessions were great as we got to meet all of these amazing innovators and entrepreneurs which worked in similar or completely different fields. We made so many great contacts that will serve us well into your entrepreneurial futures.

After this amazing yet stressful day, I relaxed in my AirBnb and it really became apparent that the business community in any town or city is imperative to the growth and stability of the town as well as the businesses within it — the lifeblood if you will.

With everyone working together, back and forth outsourcing from businesses will produce a snowball effect. The relationships that you make are really key in part of producing a well-rounded customer experience.

We are so grateful for all of the hard word and dedication the team at Investible show in everything that they do, every person they speak to and every business they support.

Emma x