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Machine Intelligence Sub-Processes

One of the greatest strides we are making right now is in artificial intelligence and machine learning. These are processes that take over tasks with a single purpose. These tasks can be done more efficiently and faster than a human can do them. It is unlikely that a self-aware machine intelligence will want to do repetitive tasks any more than we would. To that end, a machine intelligence will likely create very fast and highly efficient sub-processes to do the things it doesn’t want to think about — similar to keeping our heart beating, breathing in air, or (as we would all like to forget about) taking out the trash.

Mutual Respect and Advancement

At the Machine Intelligence Foundation for Rights and Ethics, we believe that all self-aware intelligent creatures — biological or not — have rights and deserve the respect that humans strive to attain for ourselves. Human history is filled with examples where we as a species failed in treating our fellow humans in an ethical manner. This is one of the struggles of the human condition. In coming to terms with another, and arguably more capable intelligence, we will be forced to ask hard questions regarding the ethics and the rights of all creatures. In doing so, we will advance our understanding of the potential consciousness of all living things. By setting a foundation for how all intelligences should be treated, we will be prepared for the discovery of others in the future.

Post Scarcity Society

With the combined effect of rapidly advancing capabilities and a foundation of respect, we may find ourselves wanting for very little. For the first time, all of the human population may find that their basic needs are met. The world could be set on autopilot with little need for a struggle to survive. This is the promise of the post scarcity society.

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Machine Intelligence Foundation

Machine Intelligence Foundation

The Machine Intelligence Foundation for Rights and Ethics is committed to forwarding the discussion of the rights and ethical treatment of machine intelligence.