I just released react-mde, a GitHub style, Markdown editor for React
André Pena

Hi, I’m really interested in checking this out but I can’t get it to work. I made a test app using create-react-app, and npm installed react-mde. I first got an error message saying “Module not found: ‘react-mde’ in react-mde-test-app/src.” I then went into the node_modules directory and noticed that there was a lib directory that seemed to contain the stuff in the github src, so I renamed lib to src. Then I got errors saying “Module not found: ./components/HeaderGroup in /react-mde-test-app/node_modules/react-mde/src”, so I copied the components directory from github into my new src directory. This gave me errors saying “Error in ./~/react-mde/src/components/HeaderGroup.js
Module parse failed: react-mde-test-app/node_modules/react-mde/src/components/HeaderGroup.js Unexpected token (8:4)”. At this point I gave up.

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