Katy Hearn Fit

The logo for the Katy Hearn Gym; picture credit to Katy Hearn

Katy Hearn; also known on Instagram as Katy Hearn Fit, is a personal trainer, business owner, and fitness inspiration to millions of women all around the world.

Her own personal fitness journey started after she had finished up college. She realized she had gained a good amount of weight and just wasn’t happy with the way that she looked. So, she did some research, found workouts that worked for her, started eating healthy and ended up seeing a drastic transformation. Katy started posting transformation photos, videos of her workouts, and meal ideas on her Instagram in the hopes of maybe helping some of her female followers.

Little did she know that her fitness transformation would lead to hundreds and thousands of girls reaching out to her asking for advice, tips, and workout ideas. Now three years later Katy has a website; Katy Hearn Fitness, owns her own gym with her husband; Katy Hearn Gym, and owns a food meal prep company called Bite Meals, that delivers fresh food to your door.

Now all of this wouldn’t even be possible for Katy if it wasn’t for her Instagram account. On her Instagram, Katy Hearn Fit, she has 1.5 million followers. Katy also has another Instagram account where she posts only videos of workouts and exercises that are from her fitness challenges (which are available on her website, she does seasonal challenges) and she has 766K followers on this account. She also has an Instagram account for her gym; Katy Hearn Gym that has 67.3K followers.

I personally follow all of Katy’s accounts on Instagram as well as her husband’s account, who is also very well known in the fitness world. I also follow her on Twitter, Snapchat, and on YouTube.

I think all of her social media accounts are extremely successful, inspiring, and motivating. As I said above on her Katy Hearn Fit Instagram account, she posts her own transformation pictures which I think are amazing because it proves that with hard work and dedication anything is possible and that amazing results can happen. She also posts so many pictures of her dogs, her and her husband have two Pitbull’s and French bulldog and they are the cutest things ever! She posts pictures of her gym, Bite Meals, and personal photos of her and her husband from their wedding, honeymoon, and just their everyday lives.

Since she posts such a variety of photos it really allows me and her other followers to feel like we really know her on a personal level. She is a fitness, and nutrition inspiration and her Instagram accounts reflect that. I explore all of her accounts when I need some motivation to get to the gym, new and fun workout ideas, and even different meal ideas. I think this is why a lot of people follow her and look to her for inspiration.

Katy Hearn is a fitness inspiration for women all over the world. Her goal was to help women get healthy and feel confident and strong and their own skin, and she has most definitely done that!!

Link to Katy’s Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/katyhearnfit/

Picture of Katy and her husbands food company; picture credit to Katy Hearn
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