Athena Leah Walton, 19, who has been transitioning for two and a half years, considers herself lucky thus far.
Transgender in Mississippi: About a Girl
Jessi Hotakainen

The fact that the trans community in many states is still not protected, is a startling fact. It tells me that many state government systems are afraid of what will happen when the community is protected. They are afraid of what those who do not approve of the LGBTQ+ community will do. What they would be capable of doing. But those who do not approve of the LGBTQ+ community are not capable of anything. The community of the people who support the LGBTQ+ community and those apart of it are not afraid of those people. I am saying “do not approve” as a polite way of saying that the LGBTQ+ community “haters” are just afraid of the community. They are afraid of the thought of others loving someone the same sex, who’s transgender, queer, etc. some states are more afraid than others. Such as this articles location, Mississippi. It saddens me that in this article they described Ms.Walton as “lucky”. They use this word to describe her because many people have violent and inhumane ways of expressing their anger, fear, and hatred of the LGBTQ+ community. There has been many hate crimes committed towards the LGBTQ+ community during parades, gatherings, etc. It proves that the human race is afraid of what they don’t understand. But why?