I am one of those people, and so are many of the LGBT community. We also want to find someone, marry them and build a family. Why? Because we too do not want to be alone.
Catholicism, Marriage and Family in the Modern World
Aaron Jay Ledesma

This excerpt from this article is very important and can show so many people who do not approve the LGBTQ+ community a reason to. This small excerpt says that same sex couples want to find someone to love, Marry them, and build a family. No different from same sex couples, LGBTQ+ couples also want to find someone to love, marry, and build a family with. They are no different from same sex couples. I thinks that everyone no matter age, sexuality, ethnicity, etc. should be treated as the way you would like to be treated, and none different than others. We are all human. The LGBTQ+ community has been through so much, and now that gay marriage is legal (which shouldn’t have been illegal in the first place), all people can marry who they want. No one who loves someone of the same gender, or has a different sexuality is affecting same sex couples at all. You have your marriage, and they have theirs.

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