Getting real survey answers out of smart, busy people

How Quartz got 940 of the world’s business leaders to tell us how they consume news and respond to advertising

Why this matters

What we did

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A map of where our respondents came from

How we did it

1. We offered no financial incentive

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An email from Quartz’s president and publisher to 500 business leaders

2. We paid attention to what wasn’t working, and changed it

How do you like to consume news? Tell us by taking the Quartz Global Executives Study.
Are you reading this on a) a phone, b) a tablet, c) a computer, or d) something else? No, really, we want to know. We’re conducting some research on how you like to consume news—take our survey here.

3. We adapted our message to whomever we were speaking to

4. We used design and language to create the easiest, most efficient experience possible

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Survey completion time was 12.5 minutes on phones, and 18.5 minutes on desktop.
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