I can see from your story that you hardly qualify as a visionary, since you only mention the…
Richard Rombouts

Richard, does it make you feel better about yourself to put people down, rather than have constructive conversations that empower BOTH parties? Our future, more than ANYTHING, will be based on how well we — as humans — come together to create it. If your initial reply is any indication of how well we’ll work together, I doubt we’ll ever see the incredible opportunities that may lie ahead. In regards to your “visionary” comment (attack) you seem rather upset. Did you have a bad day? Couldn’t think of another way to bully someone? Has someone put you down this way in the past and it’s just a manifestation of those feelings? If so, I’m very sorry. This platform is used as a means to share thoughts and ideas… miss the memo? Sure hope you have a better day today. Can’t wait to read your blog.

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