Get Bodhisattva Statues To Surround Yourself With Serenity And Tranquility

Buddhism calls itself a ‘non-theistic’ religion. The Buddha preached that believing in, and worshiping Gods was not useful for those seeking to realize enlightenment. Many Buddhists consider themselves to be atheists. Yet, Buddhist art and literature are richly stocked with Godlike beings. This is especially true for Mahayana Buddhism. Mahayana temples are populated by statues and paintings of many characters and creatures, some beautiful, some demonic.

After Buddha, the most important beings in Mahayana iconography are Bodhisattvas. The word Bodhisattva means ‘enlightenment being’. Very simply, Bodhisattvas are beings who work for the enlightenment of all beings, not just themselves. They vow not to enter Nirvana until all beings enter Nirvana together.

The Bodhisattvas attain Buddhahood, but for a time, they delay the Buddha status and instead remain on Earth in various guises to help each of us achieve salvation. All Bodhisattvas are motivated by compassion, by the desire to ‘benefit others’ — indeed the highest aspiration of the Bodhisattva is to save all sentient beings. The term has other meanings, but the Mahayana concept is the most widely known.

So, if you are planning to buy Bodhisattva statues from Buddha art gallery or other online stores for your home or office, then there are a few things that you need to know. Bodhisattva tends to be more richly attired figures of Buddhas. While many Buddha figures (except crowned Buddhas) have only a simple monk’s robe draped over one shoulder, Bodhisattvas are adorned with flowing robes, bracelets, necklaces, and threads, containing amulet boxes, elaborate hairdos, and sometimes a mustache. Bodhisattvas are often represented as princely figures, alluding to historical Buddha’s life as a prince before he renounced his kingdom, and distinguishing them from the Buddha who is attired as a mendicant monk. The Bodhisattva Maitreya is identified here by the small flash he holds in his left hand, filled with a liquid of immortality.

In a nutshell, the statues of the Buddha are very symbolic, even to those who have no connectivity to the teachings of Buddhism at all. The statues of the enlightened one in just about any pose are said to bring in happiness, prosperity, and goodwill into the living or work space. The Buddha statues are believed to work as lucky charms. The symbolism is significant, known to usher in positive vibes, and a sense of calm, peace, self-realization, and harmony. These statues connect with divinity and mental discipline to a large extent. The aura and ambiance of serenity and tranquility that these statues bring along cannot be denied!

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