Vulnerability is hard, man.

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I usually have no problem saying what’s on my mind.

I process via communication. It’s extremely difficult for me to move past a misunderstanding or conflict without talking it out. I know not everyone prefers this, and those who view any level of discomfort in discussion as “confrontation” shudder at the idea of laying it all out on the table. But saying stuff out loud helps me see a situation from all angles. The dialogue back and forth is constructive (hopefully), and I crave different perspectives. My mind evacuates that which it’s tangled in, and I can retrieve what’s useful…

We didn’t speak on Thanksgiving. We probably won’t on my birthday, later this week.

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TL,DR: It sucks.

Last year, we weren’t speaking for a time, during which Mother’s Day came and went. I mailed her a pair of earrings I bought before our falling out, with a card expressing nothing more than “Happy Mothers Day,” signed Amelia. She mailed a thank you card back. We live less than 10 miles from one another.

The longest we’ve gone without speaking was nearly a year, during which my ex and I began divorce proceedings she knew nothing about. Not until a mutual contact ran into her and brought it up.

I suppose they did nothing wrong…

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My boyfriend and I have been together a little over three years. If we last a little while more, it will be the longest relationship either of us have been in. Smart money says we’ll make it.

He came from a nuclear family whose only shortcoming was loving and accepting each other a little too much. My family is riddled with divorce — my parents, the couple my mom broke up with her affair, myself, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, siblings — it’s something we’re familiar with. Safe to say, a little too familiar. …

Mia Banks

Writing to learn more about myself. Maybe you’ll get to know me too.

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