The unwritten apology

I’m feeling great you guys !

I woke up this morning my hair actually fucking cooperated into the most perfect bun(that’s like the ultimate in my world ) . My skin popping, and I just bought a new bottle of coconut oil after buying it two years ago( cheap people will feel my excitement with this one !)

I truly feel amazing and my family is healthy. What else could a young woman ask for ?


I haven’t really truly came face to face with my bitch moments. Oh yeah ladies we all have those moments whether it be we’re not getting fucked right or financially frustrated to dealing with deep relationship/family situations,we have moments when we take it out on any and everything.

So yeah you Will eventually go through rough patches.As women we wouldn’t be who we are unless we did

That brings me to my unwritten apology I never have made .

After going through the process of detoxifying your life and changing old habits etc etc … ( Totally a Issa Rae Indeed Moment)

You have to rekindle or damper the fires you’ve started .

Meaning to free yourself from burdened thoughts of denial for the parts you play in the demise of your family or friendships. I always hear people say love yourself first . Ok , but then what about the people surrounding you ? Who’s either helped shape your life or contributing to the experiences you come across in life.

I finally did it . I finally admitted to myself I did fucked up things to people . I lied , cheated , gossiped , and fought people over the stupidest Shit no matter how much my pride felt otherwise.

I was wrong and I’m truly am sorry for anyone who’s even reading my blog that was a victim of or thought they were.

I’ve done a lot of things .

Who haven’t right ? Well I want my blogs to be a open chapter into my life and I want to be at amends with all my readers .

I can’t open my heart to you guys and we’re not on a clean slate right ?

Well let’s see I’ve talked a little about my son and the ways he has reinvented me into a whole separate universe of awesome.

My loving fiancé who’s next to me snoring I’ve talked about in my second blog. I just want make sure everyone ones paying attention.

Only way to keep up right ?

So it’s time to be open . Thank you guys for the response and feedback it’s truly only up from here .

Peace . And Love ❤️

Michelle Ingram( My beautiful mother)-

“Always love yourself and the people around you , you’ll live longer . “