BattleHand Hack Cheats [100% Working] Unlimited Gems and Gold Generator Android iOS

Mia Bowen
Mia Bowen
Oct 11 · 2 min read

BattleHand is a beautiful piece of game by Kongregate, mixing both Collectible Card Game (CCG) and Role Playing Game (RPG) it has earned quite the player population. The game centers on the player creating a party in order to defeat the forces of Queen Amethyst. The game is free to play for mobile devices.

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The Infection Spreads
Though it is a good game with a good concept, the level of difficulty spikes quickly and players who only give the best equipment to their favorite character are fast to learn the consequences of their actions. Because of this, many are forced to use their hard earned money to buy various booster packs or power ups or in-game resources.

Is there a mystical elixir to combat this infection to your wallets? Yes there is a solution for this blunder but we don’t think that it is any bit of ‘mystical.’ Using our BattleHand Cheats or BattleHand Hack Tool will instantly give you free gems and free gold!

The Weapon of Choice

Though free gold and free gems are a good enough boon for using our hack tool, here are some other features are site offers.

Free Boons — Yep you heard it right boys and girls this hack tool is 100% FREE. No need to accomplish any offers like other hack or cheat tools, just connect your device and punch in those resource numbers.
Spell of Safety — Using our hack tool may still get you banned but the possibility of such is extremely lower than compared to other cheat tools.
Easy to Use — This is a web-based hack tool thus no need for any long incantation just to get free generated resources.
All for one and one for all — Our hack tool supports all format, be it for computers or mobile devices we guarantee you that you will get your much needed resources in no time.

I’m the Map
Connect your account:
If you are using your mobile device (android and ios devices), simply enter your Call of Champions username in the field provided and choose which system you are using. (recommended)
If you are using a computer, connect your mobile device to your computer via USB cable and put the device name in the username field as well as choose which system you are using. Once done, open the game and leave it at such state in order for it to read the data.
Click the connect button.
Choose the amount of resources in each specific field.
Click the generate button.

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