I would love to take a moment to admire a particular classmate of mine at SVA. Her approach for our Kickstarter projects was exemplary. We were recently assigned with the challenge of raising minimum $1000 with 50 backers on Kickstarter for our Entrepreneurial Design course at the School of Visual Arts.

“Calling All Nudibranch Lovers — Photobook” by Jennifer Wei was the creation of a beautiful hardcover book featuring high-quality nudibranch photographs shot by five selected photographers around the world. I really admired her fearlessness and rapid sharing of updates on social media with an assertive sense of confidence and passion about the idea.

Her posts illustrated a clear “why” behind the project, as well as a vibrant view into her story and background related to its development. The entire marvelously-composed idea excuded a deep thoughtfulness and care. Admiration abounds!

In the span of two weeks, we were assigned to launch a Kickstarter campaign and have it successfully funded by minimum $1,000 and 50 backers. I accomplished this goal thanks to the support of amazing people, advisors, and mentors.

This was a wild rollercoaster of anxiety throughout the entire process, but very rewarding and taught me lots about how to make noise about our passions and drive an idea into the world.

My Kickstarter campaign was the creation of a box design called “ART NOW” which includes art activities and materials for kids to feel empowered, find creativity, and practice…

bullying prevention + navigation

For my Kickstarter project, I am interested in working with the online bullying prevention community.

I always have been obsession with how misconceptions oftentimes shape conflicts between people. At one point, I explored how art museums can offer an engaging educational experience for people in a way that heals these misconceptions. After this exploration, it felt like art museums are just fleeting experiences where visitors pass through for a few hours in the space but no real transformation takes place on the sustainable level that I’m looking for.

So, I transitioned into thinking about who really…

journey + discovery

M y offering can best be described as a repository. It’s a repository stories from my journey in exploring how we can, together, create an integrated experience that inspires more connection between people in the city that never sleeps. Along the way, I learned many valuable truths that I believe can be useful, golden, and insightful.

And who is my offering for? It is for those who feel disconnected and want to join in a dialogue about respect and the acceptance of diversity.

It’s for those who are interested in using art and education as a way…

a synthesis of research and explorations by an IxD voyager

I n my last post, I shared my passion for rollerblading and more importantly, as a metaphor of how I look at life. I think it’s essential to try to integrate and merge with other people in the world. It’s this thrill for adventure and delight that keeps us alive. New York is an exciting place for this. It’s a metropolis of cultures and languages. I love the feeling of participating in the Women’s March for example, amongst a wonderful variety of people, supporting a similar mission for love.


serenity · freedom · balance · adventure

There is a sense of pure elation to slipping those rollerblades on and feeling your feet slide to and fro on the pavement. Perhaps it’s a nostalgic experience since I first learned how to rollerblade when I was a little girl living in Redwood Shores, California. My family and I lived in a funny little neighborhood where all the houses had the same architecture and were the same hue of blue. I felt like I was living in an infinite Eiffel 65 “Blue (Da Ba Dee)” song.

The curved streets and passageways welcomed…

Mia Darling

MFA Interaction Design at SVA | multimodality artist with an ecstatic love for designing user-centered, digital experiences | miarisso.com

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