Engenius- The Long Range Network System

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Engenius is the manufacturer of network equipment, which is wireless, and is used in long range communication. There is full range of products for all wireless communications, which include network servers, cordless phones with long range and products which are used for security. Cities which have a wireless network, which is digital have a wireless mesh to help with networking.

A New Age in Which Distance is challenged

In this age of advanced wireless technology Engenius goes beyond the limit of space and distance. It uses highly advanced power, sensitivity and technology where the rate of transmission is high. Wherever you may be outdoors, indoors or in a specialized environment, the transmission is stable and producing a clear system of communication which is smooth and efficient.

To make sure that the product is of the best quality in the world a lot of inspections and tests are carried out to check its reliability. All products adhere to the international standards in quality. Engenius is out to create a technology which is wireless, helping people to get rid of the boundaries of wired technology.

Wireless Network Solutions

Engenius is a pioneer in wireless communication technology. Today, networks must be sturdy, flexible as well as effective as the organizations they cater to, include infrastructures, buildings, topologies, sizes and units of business. This brings a huge load on the in-house service providers to monitor, manage, configure and upgrade. Engenius has come with a solution to all these problems.

The company has software for network management, which can manage access points along with controller switches of Neutron WLAN which are totally combined to offer a breakthrough in central network. This is offered at an affordable price with innovative-class features

EnGenius Technologies

Engenius is a company that is an expert in communications without using wires as well as technology using radio frequency. They can deliver communications over long distances without the use of wires for data as well as voice. The performance as well as flexibility of the solutions of the company brings down the cost of ownership, enhance productivity and increase the turnover on investment.

It is a leader in premise flexibility in transportation of the network. The company has come with portable handsets that can help in communicating over long distances, through multi storey buildings and difficult environments. Whatever be the type of system that is being used, whether it is DuraFon system which is used in a multifaceted environment or freestyl system which is used in an office which is scalable, Engenius helps to improve productivity and connectivity through business domains.

The company has an increasing range of communicating solutions which include switches of Gigabit Poe, beside communicating products such as the wireless, that are used outdoors as well as indoors.The IP cameras which are used in business to help to provide connectivity over a long distance. The features of these products are versatile to help you to get connectivity over long distances clearly without any problem. The specialties of this system are wireless networking, Wi-Fi outdoors and a lot more. People in business can use Engenius for wireless connectivity and better networking system.

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