Voip Phones For Business

VoIP Phones for Business and its Applications

VOIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol is simply the phone services on the internet, what is required is a decent internet speed. It can be used to deliver voice or video messages from one IP address which is the source to another IP address the receiver. It operates over internet connectivity rather than the traditional Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), which operates on the circuit mechanisms comprising of telephone lines, fiber optic cables, microwave transmission links, etc. both over land as well as under oceans.

Volp Phones and Their Working Mechanism

VOIP Phones are based on technology of transmission over IP networks using control protocols such as the SIP (Session Initiation Protocol), SCCP (Skinny Client Control Protocol) or other numerous proprietary protocols. VOIP Phones are broadly of two types: The first one being Softphones which are simple software based programs using a simple computer with microphone and audio output or simple on smart phones and the other one being typical hardware manufactured devices which look like general telephones or cordless phone.

By applying simple mechanisms like ATA (Analog Telephone Adapters) traditional analog telephones based on PSTN can be used as VOIP Phones.

It is also possible to use VOIP services without VOIP service providers if devices are not behind NAT routers.

Why Voip Phones For Business

Low Installation and Maintenance Costs and Work Force: A business firm requires a lot of communication services to coordinate the entire product and services flow in the market. To achieve order in that flow it requires a reliable and affordable platform to make sure it communicates smoothly, securely and economically. The traditional setup of telephone mechanism based on PSTN requires a lot of installing and manufacturing costs which makes its installment a low priority, that’s the reason why market is switching towards the VOIP sector.

The costs of extensions on VOIP services are lower than for PBX and key systems. VOIP switches may run on commodity hardware such as general purpose computers and smart phones.

Easy To Operate for Different Operations: In business firms it is required to analyze, save the data from calls and then forwarded to any business application that can use it. To get this job done with least trouble flexible voice over IP telephony system is used. Moreover, to meet the requirements of reaching to consumers and clients a helpdesk is required which can be efficiently used. VOIP has simple, intuitive user interfaces, so user finds it easy to make system configuration changes.

The hectic job of gathering the messages from offices may slow down the company progress so to reach the data from anywhere with just the internet connection can be a reality using VOIP services.

Uses, Quality and Security

VOIP service providers aimed at business sector have developed unified communication services which treats all communications like faxes, phone calls, Web conferences, voice mail and many more as separate parts that can be sent using internet to any device whether cellphone or computer.

Services required by different businesses may differ for instance there are two sects in business industry one is small to medium businesses and the other being medium to large businesses.

The two common interfaces used to communicate are USB and Power over Ethernet. The latter is dominant in business sector because it provides more flexible power allocation 30W comparison to 4.5W of 3.0 USB which is insufficient for cordless, conferencing, or video conferencing.

The quality check is done based on three aspects network packet jitter, packet latency, network packet loss, post-dial delay and echo which are determined by VOIP performance testing and monitoring.

Regarding the security concerns of VOIP services, these are no different than other internet connected devices making them vulnerable to cyber-attacks which may result in exposing customer data, leak conversations and compromise messages. Hence services like Voice over Secure IP having secure IP servers, Secure Voice over IP which may comprise the end to end encryption or Secure Voice over Secure IP having both above said cases are used by Government and Military organizations.

The emergency services work different for VOIP phones as the emergency center may not be able to determine the location based on virtual phone number.

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