The Real Reason Women Quit Tech (and How to Address It)
Rachel Thomas

Sorry for such a late comment, but I’m just now seeing this post. I am a 30-something woman of color in the tech industry in southern California making less than $40,000 as a Desktop Support Analyst. Industry standard for so-Cal is at least $50K with 5–10 years experience and college. I went to a UC (University of California) college and graduated with my degree. I’ve been trying to reach my goal salary for the past 10 years since I graduated. I’ve changed several jobs (5 within my 11 year career) in order to make my financial situation better. I am a pretty good interviewer and I think I’m fairly intelligent. This article is very much what I live every day when I walk into my office. I’m all out of ideas to make what my white peers/coworkers make. Anyone with some advice besides “change jobs now” let me know!…I should call myself a professional job hunter instead of a computer technician at this point…and yes, I am still job hunting.

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