Here’s How Plus Prague Hostel is Using Comundu

So how exactly do hostels use Comundu?

Comundu is a cool way for guests to get to know each other and arrange meet-ups, but it’s also a valuable tool for hostels themselves. A great communication tool in the age of the smartphone-carrying guest, it allows hostels to gather all of their announcements, promotions and recommendations into one online space. It’s an alternative to spreading news out over reception noticeboards, posters or Facebook pages, where there’s no guarantee that guests will see them.

PLUS Prague Hostel in Prague has been using Comundu since January. Here’s their Guest Relations Manager, Meghan:

“We felt like we were missing out on being able to reach everybody. Before, we would just post signs around the building but now we have another tool to be able to communicate events or temporary maintenance issues to guests.”

Would you recommend Comundu to other hostels?

“Yes — it adds to your communication options and can make the receptionists‘ jobs easier by providing more in depth information that guests can access at any time, so if it’s busy at reception guests can still get the info they need. I also like that it is a way for guests to meet each other.”

Check out the ways below that PLUS Prague is using Comundu:

To Post Important Updates

To Promote Associated Companies

To Announce Hostel Events

To Spread the Freebies Love :)

Check out how Comundu works here — and check out the very cool PLUS Prague hostel in Prague here.

Andrew Drummond

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