Writing prompt #13: What’s in the bag? And where are you going?
Death To Stock

What would you keep in your go bag?

There’s a large overnight bag underneath my bed. Stowed away and out of sight, it remains untouched until adventure beckons it out into the light. What a shame it must be, to never be used — to remain a mere thought. Shall we explore?

The essential for overnight are there. Shampoo, conditioner, tooth paste, a tooth brush, etc. It’s all your standard essentials. There’s a disposable camera tucked into a corner. Adventures should be accompanied by a tangible memory. And to the camera’s left, lies a spare phone charger. Someone is clearly dependent on technology and connectivity. While I’m tempted to remove the charger, I accept its necessity. There are a lot of clothes in this bag. Enough for two days of clean clothes and a pajama set. Under the stack of clothes is a bit of cash. Not all that much, maybe $50–70. Enough to sustain someone until they could get more.

Wait, why is a selfie stick packed in there? Gross. I’m taking that out immediately.

Scattered throughout the bag are important “things”. Sunglasses, headphones, way too many socks, an umbrella, and a hat. I should throw in some snacks. Dear god, who am I kidding…I need snacks.

After a moment of contemplation, staring at the bag in front of me, I sigh. I pace over to my desk, look under the pile of clothes that need to be put away, and grab my phone. My keys rest on the floor, awaiting a rescue mission. With a quick scoop, I retrieve them, slip on my Nikes, and lug my bag out the door.

Let’s go on an adventure.


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