“5 ingredients to achieve Work-Life Balance”

Hey I get it, work and lifestyle are two different things so I have compiled my notes, along with some additional research, and some bits and pieces from a slideshow presentation I had.

Work-life balance is a concept prioritizing between “work” and “lifestyle.” This is related to the idea of lifestyle choice.

First, let me start by saying who this is for:

  • If you’ve ever been afraid to start your own business
  • If you’ve ever lived in fear of losing everything
  • If you have ever felt anxious, unhappy, or depressed then this for you
  • If you’re tired of not having enough time in your daily life
  • If you have trouble staying on task or keeping your calendar up to date
  • If you’ve ever struggled with maintaining a healthy work-life balance

Then This is for you. If you are a Professional, Start-up, or an Entrepreneur, and your at it 24/7 then this is a read for you. Do you want more stability in your life? Do you want to find out what may be standing in your way? Then this is for you

What you are about to learn:

  • Having a sense of purpose in life may help you live longer regardless your age.
  • Life purpose is a crucial part of maintaining healthy work-life balance
  • how to lay the foundation for more success in your life (so you can start feeling more confident)
  • what is Surviving vs Thriving and how it effects all areas of your life (and even keeps you living in fear of losing everything).
  • 5 ingredients to achieve work-life balance that most us avoid keeping us overwhelmed, underpaid, and unconsciously playing it safe

What’s Your Purpose in Life? Imagine how you would feel if you could relax and trust the universe. Imagine how you would feel if you could let go of your fear of failure, limiting beliefs about money, and stubbornness.

What if you could change careers or start a business that would allow you the freedom to travel and enjoy life the way you always wanted. What if you could start spending more time with your children/family without the fear of losing everything.

Did you know…

  • Feeling that having a sense of purpose in life may help you live longer, no matter what your age, according to research published in (Psychological Science).
“Our findings point to the fact that finding a direction for life, and setting overarching goals for what you want to achieve can help you actually live longer, regardless of when you find your purpose.”
Hazy purpose or no purpose → Hazy, random goals → Hazy, random action plans → Hazy, random daily actions or constantly busy with others’ agendas or
Clear purpose → Clear long-term goals → Clear short-term goals → Clear action plans → Clear daily actions ✓

(Surveylum) Did a survey of 1400 people of all ages about the purpose of life.

“The reality is that nobody achieves success or realizes their life purpose by themselves. It’s a process that requires and demands a team of mentors providing guidance.” (Entrepreneur Magazine)

So You Might be Thinking…

…life purpose is a calling in life or for a special class of person.

  1. Purpose is not about a title, it is more about the way in which you choose to live.
  2. It’s not a job description or task in life.
  3. It’s making a commitment to the way we think, speak, and interact.

You Might Also be Thinking…

…what does life purpose have to do with work-life balance?

  1. Purpose is certainly not exclusive to any one thing, it’s more about living a life which makes a positive contribution to society.
  2. Purpose is about awareness and making a commitment to yourself.
  3. The only sacrifice is letting go of the things in life which you no longer need.

Knowing your life purpose can help you to make choices from a place of love and ease, not out of fear of loss or urgency. Awareness is the key, which brings me to the 5 work-life balance tips. There are 5 areas in your life that keep many of us stuck and from living a life of abundance.

The biggest mistake I see is lack of clarity, without it you’re all over the place. Purpose helps you to determine which tasks/activities you need to get done and which you have to let go of.

I would like to take this moment…

…and have you slow down for minute and take a deep breath.
  • Imagine if you could start manifesting what you want just by shifting your mind set.
  • Imagine if you could if travel at the drop of a hat because you no longer let fear stand in your way.
  • How would it feel if you could start attracting more clients or customers through intention instead of expectation.
  • What if you could learn to trust in yourself, release all those negative beliefs, and start living a more balanced lifestyle.

The Way I See It You Have 3 Choices:

  1. Do nothing and continue to struggle by not having this sorted out.
  2. Try to do it on your own.
  3. You can allow me to walk along side of you to fast track.
How many of you know you are going to need some help with this?

Work-life Balance

The Difference Between Not Right Now and A Life Changing Experience

With Lottie You’ll Discover:

  • The methodology she uses to uncover your life purpose.
  • Techniques for anxiety prevention and stress relief.
  • A deep dive into the work-life balance concept.
  • The reason, importance, and advantages of new daily practices
  • and a whole lot more…

If you are someone who…

  1. Would like to commit to a healthier work-life balance.
  2. Wants to start/grow a business or change careers without the fear of losing everything.
  3. Wants live in the flow and rhythm of life
  4. Is ready to live from the heart and get connected to source

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