I find the whole pesticide issue within the cannabis industry, and edible realm more specifically, to be quite interesting. Watching it all unfold, I can’t help but wonder, if it’s supposed to be regulated with alcohol, why aren’t we treating it like alcohol?

In other words, have you ever wondered what kind of pesticides are all up in that hoppy brew you love so much? Or If alcohol is supposed to be the recreational model, why wouldn’t we set similar pesticide guidelines for cannabis?

Now, I understand that we have no idea of the long term effects of inhaling some of these burned substances when smoking cannabis, but the pesticide issue becomes even less when you’re talking about edibles in my opinion.

We know that the EPA has set appropriate pesticide levels for consumption for agriculture. Why would or should cannabis be any different, especially when the pesticides can be flushed out, or when we are already okaying them for stuff we feed to our kids….

What do you think about pesticides being used to grow cannabis for smoking or consumption? Do you think cannabis growers should have strict pesticide guidelines, or should consumers be able to choose for themselves what goes into their green?