The Beginning

My name is Mia Jane. I live in Denver, Colorado. I work in the booming cannabis industry in a recreational and medical marijuana facility. I am what people lovingly refer to as a budtender. ❤

I love cannabis. I believe it is a great healer and has so much to offer as a way to deal with life’s many struggles. I am an MMJ patient, and work to serve these same people to the best of my ability. I also take great care and pride in educating legal recreational consumers. Whether it’s about the differences between indica and sativa, how to properly dose edibles, different ways to use hash, or what the current laws are for people who are new to buying recreational marijuana.

I am passionate about what I do. I am moved to share my experiences about working in the industry. I think people are curious about what’s going on here, and if I can be of service to help opening people’s minds, so be it. There are so many aspects of this brand new industry that people want/need/are just fucking curious about. So, why not? Here’s to a great story.

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