The Meaning of Legal Marijuana from a CO Native

Ever wondered what it is was like living in Colorado before the wild world of weed took over? Or how the green rush has effected the life of Coloradoans who have spent their whole lives aware of how awesome Colorado is? Well today, we’ve got a special guest post from the perspective of a Colorado native…

Dabs, wax, flower, bud, rig, dispensary, budtender, nug, Sativa, Indica, Hybrid, cannabinoids… these are all words that are fairly new to my vocabulary — at least in the context in which I am using them here.

A good friend of mine asked me the other day what the legalization of cannabis – both medical and recreational — has been like for me, as I am somewhat of a rare breed around here.

I am a Colorado native. It was an interesting question — yes, I have always regarded my native status very highly and since the legalization of recreational marijuana, that native pride has only grown.

As a native, I have felt both frustration and excitement. I am proud that my state is one of the first and most influential in this new frontier being forged by marijuana, but the frustration that has ensued is the result of an insane amount of fucking people who have moved to MY state because they want to legally get high.

They want to be able to walk down the street, see a green cross and something to the effect of “green healing” on every corner and know that with a 21+ ID and some cash, they can get the best strains of marijuana — as well as edibles “keef kola,” dabs, and so much more — and it’s completely legal.

The projected growth rate of Colorado is astounding, not to mention that it takes almost twice as long as it did two years ago to get anywhere thanks to the increase in traffic, apartments and housing rates have gone thru the roof and it’s almost humorous the number of people from other states who speak to me as though I would relate better if they took on a “Dude where’s my Car”/”Dazed and Confused” tone just because I live in Colorado.

That said, I am fully in support of medical and recreation MJ. This budding industry (no pun intended) has proved to be so much more than “getting baked out of your mind.” I may feel differently if I did not have a good friend in the industry who has taught me about the undeniable benefits of marijuana and has helped me to see what was once considered a “gateway drug” in a completely different light.

As someone who has always struggled with anxiety, depression, body aches and pains thanks to years as a competitive athlete, and some substance abuse issues, I am beyond grateful for the reintroduction of marijuana in my life.

If I had three wishes, as it pertained to marijuana, they would be:

  • Everyone had the unique opportunity I have had to learn about marijuana (or would take the initiative to educate themselves), not just speculate.
  • Marijuana would be legal in all 50 states (so that people would get the hell out of mine!) and
  • I had a marijuana lollipop right now because damn, I feel like I am coming down with something!

When you are feeling that joint pain coming on, a sore throat, that aching sick feeling– an all-natural edible sounds like a much better option for my body than ingesting a bunch of pain meds, don’t you think?


Colorado native

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Originally published at on June 1, 2015.