Very good points i can say for myself.
Andreas Kramer


I grew up playing Final Fantasy games, so I’m hard-wired to enjoy sweeping stories of friendship with high stakes in a large, bright world. I like the tactics of curating my party, their equipment and skills, and how the characters grow in their relationships.

It’s harder for me to find games like this nowadays. I don’t get that feeling from recent Final Fantasy installments. But Horizon Zero Dawn was great in the sense of wonder and story and skill, although the “friendship” part was lacking. No parties.

Dark Souls is pure skill, and I really love it for that reason. Although some would argue that once you master rolling around, the game’s not hard anymore, haha.

I also enjoyed Ori and the Blind Forest, for something more recent. The art, music, and gameplay were great for my tastes.

Love nearly every Zelda game for the gameplay. A hopeful sense of saving the world.

My next try will be Monster Hunter World, but I’m skeptical. Many large-world games are very shallow in substance.

Some things I don’t like that I *thought* I would: FFXIII and FFXV. Dragon Age series. The Persona series. The “Tales of” games. Fallout.