How to Dress for a Horseback Riding Lesson

There are many horse riders, especially beginners who search on internet about what to wear on their first riding lesson or for riding in general. While it may be obvious for many experienced riders, or people who have been involved with equestrian activities from a long time, it is a dilemma for many beginners about how to dress for a riding session. Such unsure beginners turn to Q&A forums where they post their doubts and get advice which can be incorrect. This article is therefore written in the hopes to guide beginners on what to wear for riding.

While the equestrian market is flooded with riding apparels such as breeches, safety vests, gloves, thermochaps and riding boots, there are certain general guidelines that should be followed while making a purchase. Some of them are:

  1. Avoid wearing fabrics such as fleece or wool as they attract dirt and dust
  2. Wear darker colours as dirt shows on light colours almost instantly
  3. Do not wear jewellery as it can get caught up with anything and cause a disturbance
  4. Dress up in layers, so that if hot, one can shed the outer piece of clothing
  5. Wear the correct size

Keeping the above tips in mind, riders can purchase allt för hästsport online. Of all the equestrian wear available, the ones that are a must have, for every riding session are safety vests, helmets, gloves, riding boots, breeches or jodhpurs. Safety vests protect the front during accidents and is quite important for beginners who are yet not familiar being around horses. A nervous rider makes the animal equally nervous and it might kick, which is why safety vests are important.

The helmet is an essential head gear without which even the most well trained and experienced rider should not ride a horse. The brain is the most sensitive part of the body and any injury to the brain could prove to be fatal. Since horse riding is known to cause accidents that are near fatal, it is important to stay protected even if the plan is to ride a short distance.

Gloves are required to protect the palms of the hand while tugging and pulling the reins. Sores are prevented by the use of gloves. Gloves also help maintain a strong grip over the reins. Additionally they help keeping the hands warm in the harsh cold weather.

Breeches are riding pants that are designed in such a way that riders can comfortably move their legs without causing strain to their legs. Breeches are available in many colours and sizes. Alternatively jodhpurs can also be worn. Both are suitable for riding.

Riding jackets, riding boots and chaps are also some of the items that can make riding comfortable. Riders can prova ridkläder Stockholm from the equestrian shop called Hästbiten, which seems to sell good quality riding apparels of reputed brands. Customers can purchase items online or by visiting the shop in Stockholm.