Hello, Stranger.

I hope you’re reading this while sipping a cup of your favorite beverage. Let me introduce myself so we can get to know each other better. My name is Mia, another stranger based in The beautiful city of San Francisco. I am sitting at my desk here at home with a lamp on, cuddled up with my heavy blankets and writing this beautiful letter to someone whom I may or may not know. Either way, I am very pleased that you are taking your precious time to get to know me.

In our journey to getting to know each other, I’m gonna tell you a quick story about me. When I was young, my favorite thing to do was draw hearts on cards that I gave to my grandparents to let them know how much I care about them. My grandfather, who was then very sick with his oxygen tank beside him wasn’t very expressive about my cards, while my grandmother was the complete opposite of him.

Because I felt that I wasn’t pleasing my grandfather, I thought maybe the hearts that I was drawing wasn’t pretty or it might not look like a heart at all. My eagerness to please him had lead me to draw a thousand hearts of different colors and sizes. I became an expert with cards with hearts and I never stopped giving it to them even though my grandfather was still ignoring my cards. Later on, my grandfather passed away from a severe Asthma attack and I never knew what he thought about my cards. I wasn’t very sad then, because I thought during those times my grandfather was just sleeping and my parents told me that he is in a good place and I believed it.

Fast forward in my early teenage years, I also suffered from Asthma. I spent 3 years of Christmases and New Years in the hospital. There were times when I was sniffing flowers from our beautiful garden and after a few minutes, I felt like I was breathing from a straw. Next thing I know, people wearing white clothes were already poking needles on me and this weird Mask-Making-Weird-Sounds which they called VEN-til-a-tor, was placed on my face. This Ventilator helped me with my breathing but I always had troubles in sleeping because it made those weird sounds.

One day during my later teenage years, The times when Spice girls was so popular. I was watching their music videos on MTV and I accidentally pressed the remote control to a sports channel. What I saw startled me. I saw women flying and hitting a ball which they called Volleyball. I wasn’t able to stop myself from watching these women because I have noticed that these women expressed Grace, Beauty, and Strength. One of my favorite players was Leila Barros of Brazil and I wanted to be just like her.

Because of this, I joined our school’s varsity team. My Asthma didn’t stop me from playing this sport and I luckily excelled. All of my years then-on I received medals and was renowned Most Valuable Player a couple of times. I fought through my Asthma — Rain or Shine I was out there training to become like Leila Barros. After years of training, my will to become like Leila Barros scared my Asthma away.

I studied Design and graduated college from a renowned University in South East Asia. I am now a User Experience designer currently building products that feeds your soul and understands your needs. You might be wondering at this point how My Frustration with my Grandfather, Having Asthma and, Volleyball made me become a User Experience Designer.

My Grandfather and my pursuit to pleasing him by Making Hearts-on-Cards opened doors for me to become a Free-hand artist and later on a Visual Designer.

Being sick, I became empathetic to my Grandfather’s illness and made me realize that the reason he wasn’t so expressive of my art is that he was having a really hard time breathing.

The Ventilator which was helping me survive my Asthma but made me go through sleepless nights was an early catalyst for my interest in improving products.

And Volleyball which became my pursuit of becoming a Strong woman who will never quit and will stick to her guns.

These milestones of my life inspired me to become a User Experience designer. Working my way to make my dreams a reality in the very competitive but exciting world of Silicon Valley. Hoping that one day, all the products that we are using will not only be healthy and helpful for us, but understands us in a deeper level.

Now that you know a little bit about me, tell me more about yourself!

What products are you working on that touches peoples lives in a soulful level?

Let’s work together and stop being strangers.

❤ Mia