10 Signs You’re a Marketing Geek

photo credit: pixabay.com
  1. Words like A/B testing, ROI, Boost, Cross-post, backlinks and engagement roll off your tongue like love songs.
  2. Gary Vaynerchuk is your guru.
  3. Your heart starts beating faster when you talk about defining your audience on Facebook campaigns.
  4. You’re always on a quest for better video editing tools.
  5. Every idea becomes 10 action items and a meme.
  6. Most people’s eyes start glazing over when you start talking, except your fellow marketing geek crew — then you can sit and talk for hours about the latest digital marketing trends.
  7. Updates to Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat affect your entire life and may cause major meltdowns.
  8. You’re constantly on the lookout to stay on top of what’s hot and whats not in the marketing world.
  9. The battle between brand building and instant return on investment rages constantly in your own mind and also in meetings with your clients/employers.
  10. You know that someday this will all make sense, but right now you just have to try one more post, one more hashtag, one more strategy and it may just be the golden ticket.

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