A Manifesto for Empathy Infused Customer Service

our customers just want to be seen and heard.

can you infuse empathy and human care even in the language of the copy of your website, your sales page, your emails?

in today’s world of busy marketing messages, pop-up chats, ads, articles, comparisons, charts, videos and everything.

the most beautiful marketing campaigns,

the best-crafted messages,

the SEO teams full of brilliant retargeting tactics and keywords on each page that light up Google.

All are for not.

if your customer comes and doesn’t feel cared for.

the human element of sales is still very relevant, even in the most technical transaction.

software has a personality.

when the purchaser has a beating heart, we, the provider, need to acknowledge that.

marketing can draw customers in, information can help them make a decision. They may even purchase with their intellect.

choose you.

maybe they connected with your sales team

or had a great interaction on your chat box.

that’s a human element.

but if anywhere along that transaction train, they start to feel like a number or a sale, it could be game over.

more and more, your customers need to feel seen and heard.

impersonality works for efficiency.

and even up to the initial sale and setup, you can get by without much emotion.

but if there is a time to show up as a company, as a brand or as a provider — it’s when your customer needs help.

when they reach out and if there isn’t an acknowledgment that they are important, that they matter more than the payment(s) they make to your company — they will leave.

there’s nothing more infuriating than being treated like a number. or to be given an unhelpful link, a robotic response.

maybe they can feel the technical support team laughing at them behind their questions.

maybe they are left on hold for 7 minutes and then their call is transferred…or dropped.

that’s it — they are gone, and not only are they gone, they will make sure they tell their circle, maybe even their social media circle.

it’s that fast.

what’s your customer support culture?

do you see every client, customer, purchaser as a soul, as your grandma? your best friend?

can you infuse empathy and human care even in the language of the copy of your website, your sales page, your emails?

in a world of digital media, automated transactions and information overload — standing out and touching souls matter more than ever.

yes, your customers can leave in a moment, from a glitch out of your control or a tiny thing that you would never guess would make them leave.

but they can stay too — oh they can stay and be so loyal, when you give them a moment of delight when you can touch their emotion.

when you can step outside your technical connection and create a connection. see them as a human.

listen to them, thank them, help them, share with them

and most of all, acknowledge the fact that we are all just humans, helping each other out and when we feel that, it can’t be replaced.

stop investing in more ads, more articles, more videos, even more, emotional videos. sit down, interact with your product, with your team, with your messages.

walk in your customer’s shoes, see how it feels, trust your human reactions.

invest in empathy and emotion — infuse your product with the type of care you crave

because, in the end, that’s all that matters.