Forget ‘gender equality’, let’s aim for gender harmony

Gender Harmony at Work

Equality between masculine and feminine limits the power of polarity that can come from accessing the strengths of both.

I’ve noticed the conversations about gender equality get very heated. Kind of like the conversations my kids have about trying to make things fair. Who gets the most ice-cream, who got the biggest piece of cake, who did the most dishes …. and on and on and on.

It’s competition focused.

I’m so often repeating to them that the focus on ‘fairness’ only steals happiness and really the art is being thankful for what you get, and also celebrating what others get. Hard lesson, and I guarantee it takes a long time past age ten to really learn this, but it really comes down to self value.

That same conversation needs to be had about gender equality vs. gender harmony. It’s time to stop the focusing on the competition, the he-said she-said, he-can she-can, he-can’t she-can’t conversation and change it into a conversation that acknowledges the differences and strengths of all parts of the gender spectrum.

Gender harmony is when the masculine and feminine work together, with each other’s strengths and see the value in the sum of all parts.

Men and the masculine traits of competition, sure decisions, direct language can work very harmoniously with the feminine traits of collaboration, creativity, and empathy. Product and services are whole beings. Business environments thrive when the organism grows as a unit.

And to be clear, when I say masculine traits, it doesn’t automatically mean just in men and vice versa, feminine traits are only found in women — we all work in many facets of the spectrum.

The danger is when a company and social structure rewards (i.e. pays, sees value) the masculine driven states and there’s a lack of balance given to 50% of the traits that add value to the whole.

Yes, women tend to have more feminine traits on the spectrum, and this is where the value of gender equality can bring a huge shift to organizational organisms.

Embracing the value of all parts of the spectrum that bring life, longevity and thrive value to your business and your life can open up new paradigms of policy, human resource deployment and even a different way of rewarding and collecting data on what brings success.

Gender equality has often brought up hostility and competition (a very distinctly masculine trait), even that phrase could be defined as an oxymoron as genders aren’t the same at all, the equality comes in honoring the value each brings.

Gender harmony honors the strengths and weaknesses of both genders and is a continuous effort to value the amplified effect of both working together.

Gender issues are value issues, and organisms thrive in an environment where every part is treated as vital.

Let’s stop trying to say the genders should just be equal, let’s start a new conversation about the strengths of each and how we can redefine value at a thriving level rather than a survival level.

The gender equality conversation is really a gender value conversation.

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