What the future of programming will look like

Take the principles of team gaming and create a platform for programming.

Watch kids gaming and you’ll see how we can hack programming and development.

That’s where programming and development get it wrong. Too many individual parts that need to individually mesh. Individuals are limited, teams mesh intelligence and awareness to a sum that’s greater than the individual parts.

Look at how teams work in games like DOTA — the professional gaming community where teams of 20-somethings work together, multi-tasking and processing to win.

That’s what development can become. A multifaceted, gaming environment, where products are built with team camaraderie in a multi-sensory experience. No need for meetings, scrums, getting everybody to create the same vision. In the game environment, teams have been figuring out challenges with the combination of all talents in milliseconds that would take a programming team months.

I foresee a reality, where new products are developed with the same intensity of an old school battleground, crossed with hyper-sensitive functionality that’s driven by a clearly defined goal and a team immersed so heavily in the experience that their flow together creates exponential creativity and productivity as a unit.

This, my friends, is the future of programming. Makes it a lot more attractive for our gaming kids to take their talents are start changing the world, doesn’t it?

Old school battle mentality + new school gaming environment =hyper-focused teamwork and productivity.

Who wants to build the framework?