Anyone that knows me knows Manu.

Not Manu Ginóbili, the ex-San Antonio Spurs basketball star, although my Manu is admittedly Ginóbili’s namesake (and for what it’s worth, I pushed for naming him Leo but was happy to compromise for another Argentine sports legend).

No, I’m talking about Manu, the Lulinski family’s 4-year old Maltese.

All photo credits go to Rocco Lulinski, the youngest (human) member of the Lulinskis

Between Manu and I, we have several similarities. For one, we are both Argentinean-born immigrants living in the United States, and we both love a good steak. …

So, you read part one and decided it’s time to begin angel investing. If you’re a first-time angel investor, like Marco Giberti said in his workshop, “you’re lucky!”

Now, before diving in and making your first investment, some ground rules: it’s important to approach angel investing with an understanding that 1) You will probably lose money (but hopefully you’ll pick a few winners and will return much more than you ever put in!). and 2) There is no “perfect” deal. There will always be a (convincing) reason not to invest. …

By: Mark Rosner

Today we’re excited to share with you a guest post from early-stage VC investor Mark Rosner, who is based in New York City.

A little more on our guest blogger: Mark is an experienced leader with extensive relationships in the tech industry — now running a seed stage venture fund — previously running all of revenue, strategy, and corp dev at the $1bb+ mobile marketing and gaming platform AppLovin — as a C-level founding team member. At AppLovin, Mark took the company from zero to well north of a billion with a relentless macro/micro focus so that…

By Bruno Lulinski

When Samyr Qureshi presented in front of the Miami Angels during the January Pitch Night, the western world had barely noticed the virus that was wreaking havoc in parts of China. Despite some reports that COVID-19 has been on our shores for longer than we originally thought, on that date in January, the public equity markets hadn’t started their wild ride down (and then back up), none of our grandmothers knew how to use Zoom, and sourdough bread starter wasn’t on any of our shopping lists.

Seemingly overnight, our world changed dramatically (my grandmother using Zoom may…

Last week, Marco Giberti led us through a conversation about his experiences investing in and building companies through various crises. Born and raised in South America, crises and market fluctuations are anything but new to Marco.

Here were a few of my takeaways. Now is a great time to deploy capital because:

  • Valuations will trend towards the mean, providing investors the opportunity to gain more meaningful ownership positions in their investments
  • You will have access to deals that otherwise might be oversubscribed or too hard to get into — essentially, you’ll have access to investment opportunities that weren’t available as…

Daniel “Dan” Herrera, our former Director of Investments

For our inaugural blog post, we will be sharing a Q&A session that we had with Dan just before he departed from Miami Angels. We wish him luck on his future endeavors!

Daniel Herrera was Director of Investments for Miami Angels. In this capacity, he was responsible for venture investing activities, including getting to know impactful entrepreneurs and their high-potential tech companies, and managing the investment process from end-to-end.

In past lives, Daniel was a technology startup operator and management consultant at a global, top-tier firm. At the end of this month, Dan will be transitioning his duties to Bruno…

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