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A throw of dice — what gambling should mean at Miami Vice Casino.

When running a casino, it’s important to keep in mind what customers are really looking for when they’re jumping into the gambling scene — and to ensure that what they’re looking for isn’t something we should be unwilling to provide.

To gamble responsibly, there is a concept you have to keep in mind — luck doesn’t exist. At least not quite in the sense we usually perceive. When you’re playing purely on chance rather than skill, then it’s absolutely imperative that you remember that every single throw of a dice, or flip of a coin, has its own odds and is completely separate from the previous or next throw/flip.

Once you lose your grasp over that truth, you begin to fall for the gambler’s fallacy, and then things can get dangerous.

At our casino, it isn’t about taking as much money out of you as possible. We want you to have fun, yet still enjoy the thrills of making money, all in the safest way possible. So let’s have a quick review over a few things you should keep in mind while playing with us.

-It’s about having fun.

We’re pretty big on the whole entertainment part of gambling, and as such it’s absolutely necessary for you to make sure you never overspend. The second there’s even an uncomfortable feeling in the amount of money you’re putting on the site, for fear of losing it all, that’s the second you stop. We’re not here to milk you, but to provide a service.

-Never lose sight of the odds.

It’s easy to slip away into dreams of riches when you’re on a roll, but that’s the path to an empty wallet and an angry spouse. All things in moderation, and just like you’d never exceed that “oh I’m really drunk” phase while having a round with your friends, you should never forget that gambling is based on coincidence, not superstition.

-Keep a cool head.

It’s far too easy to get irrational when gambling — so keep a cool head! Don’t sweat your losses, and don’t get too emotional about your wins; and if you ever manage to crack it big, then cut your losses and get out while you’re ahead.

-And don’t forget to give us some feedback!

We’re working on being an open casino, where users can get in anonymously, have fun, and then let us know how we can make their experience even better in the future. So remember to always try and drop a line if you feel you’ve got something to say, at

Until next time!

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