Living on a Budget? Frugally Design your Home Using These Tips

Your home is your castle. Designing your home, however, can seem nearly impossible. There are so many choices, from furniture to appliances to the shade of paint on the walls. Trying to sandwich everything inside budgetary constraints seems impossible without giving up an element of your cherished dream house. That, fortunately, does not have to be true. It is possible to have great style on a budget. Here are a few tips for designing your home on a budget.

1) Don’t be Afraid to DIY

Building items like bookshelves not only helps organize clutter, by building it yourself, you can customize the piece with details that make it a great conversation piece. Building headboards for bed frames can give a bedroom a great focal piece. They can be constructed out of nearly anything: wood, metal, or even fabric panels. Best of all, by building it yourself, you can customize it to fit each person in the home.

Another way to save money is to create your own throw pillows and other fabric decor. Throw pillows are particularly easy to create, even for people new to sewing. Just pick a fabric you like and off you go! Creating your own curtains and blankets is a fairly simple matter as well. Fabric stores will have everything you need, from upholstery fabric that is perfect for curtains to adorable fleece fabric for throw blankets. Thrift stores can also be a great resource for vintage sheets or tea towels that can be up-cycled into a new set of throw pillows or curtains.

2) Double-duty Furniture

Small spaces in particular can be difficult to decorate. It can seem like if there is seating, then there is nowhere to put anything. Alternately, it can seem like the room serves only as storage. This problem can be alleviated by having furniture that does double duty. Sleeper sofas and futons are only part of this category. An ottoman with storage is a great way to store things and still have comfort. Another option, especially for kids, is to invest in a bed with built-in drawers. Not only does this free up floor space, it eliminates the need for a dresser or chest of drawers for clothing storage.

3) Bargain Shop

Thrift stores can be a great source of quality furniture at bargain prices. Check there for whatever furniture you might need. Sometimes, a cheap but sturdy table with a hideous finish will look fantastic sanded down and stained to look brand new. Often, stores will have appliances on sale around major holidays. It’s a great time to get new appliances at budget-friendly prices.

4) Paint

Investing in quality paint with good coverage could save you money in the long run, as it requires fewer coats to cover the same surface area than lower-quality paint. The colors you select can completely change the look of a room. For example, cooler colors (especially pale blue) will make a room feel roomier than a warm tone will. Painting the ceiling will add interest to a room. Blue-gray hues and soft yellows will help draw the eye up without being too harsh. This technique will also highlight a beautiful light fixture in the ceiling.

These four tips will get you well on your way to creating the home of your dreams within your budget. Paying attention to paint, checking for deals, and investing time into a do-it-yourself project will give you more freedom to personalize your home, without sacrificing your budget! Above all else, though, have fun designing your dream home. Your home is your castle, so have fun making it reflect your personality.