Hey Bernie Supporters — Stop Forcing Democrats to Agree to the Lie that the Primary Was Rigged.
Sasha Stone

Here’s the deal that other people aren’t mentioning. Hillary stepped down so Obama could win in the 2004 election. So now the Dems have the solid Black and Youth and other minority voters because for once in 300–400 years we have a Black President. Bernie did not reach out to Black voters, especially Black women who were heavy Hillary supporters. The deal was, Hillary steps aside for Barack and we will reward her sacrifice when she runs in 2016. When Bernie said he was a socialist it was GAME OVER! He must have forgotten that most Americans don’t distinguish between socialism and communism and that would have been huge fodder for the GOP to use. Second, my 87-year old Mother asked “When were people going to notice Bernie was Jewish?” We are not anti-Semites, but we know a LOT of America IS (hello Evangelicals!) and he would also likely take a hit from Jews who didn’t like that he wasn’t practising his own religion. I did not vote for Bernie because I know he didn’t have a snowballs chance in hell of winning. I’m still pissed because he didn’t support Hillary sooner, and now we have……… this……so this is what happens when you want to win more than you want to help the people you claim to support.

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