Shortcut to success= Mentoring

Life is full of adventures,it gives you a lesson in every stage of your life.what you learnt from him give you chance to share with others but its depend upon you how you take it.

Why a person needs a mentor in his life to be on top?If we look on top successfull persons in the world then we would be able to see a mentor behind them.Now who is mentor?what does it mean? A mentor empowers a person to see a possible future,and believe it can be obtained.How to choose a mentor or how a mentor can be?Is it male ,female or what?

Well according to me a mentor will be any one ,either its your father ,mother a teacher,even a tree or even a animal,its on you to whom with you get inspiration.Mentor is one who helps you to boost up your skills which helps you further in your life.I have a lot of mentors in my life also who helps me alot to boost up my carrer.

The person to whom which i get to know about learning is from my father who guided me alot in my life whenever i felt some difficulty he helps me alot .He is my mentor because of him i am able to be called a engineer,he helps me alot whenever i need any suggestion or any help he guided me alot in true meaning he is my mentor.

In true meaning a mentor change the way of thinking so my father boost my skills to think positive so after my father when i meet to Syed Hussain Haider from Akhuwat really a positive and energetic person helps me to think more positive what i learnt from Sir Hussain is to be energetic at Sir Hussain office i am really luck to attend Benji willims lecture the thing which i learnt from his lecture was every thing which you helps to be more positive is your mentor so he helps me to get inspiration even from a tree.i am too amazed to when i start learning from these positive peoples so when you are positive your atmosphere and the people around you also positive.So God helps me alot and i am able to join amal academy where i able to learn how to learn even in bad (negative) situation.

Now i think the person which helps me to learn even a small thing is my mentor because learning leads you to success and now i am very happy to say that even my small mistake is my mentor because of it i am able to correct myself .Yeah i know my way of thinking is too different now might be possible some you think that its too ironical thought but what i learnt from my mentor is that if you thought a single word from even a child then he will be your mentor.I hope you people enjoy to read it .

Thaks Amal :*