The more tired you feel, the more you should exercise!

Feeling suffocated or fatigue all the time for unknown reason?

Exercise is all you need!

Such unexamined hypothesis has been proven to be effective. Well, at least by myself. I tried yoga during my exam period and guess what? Mind never been so crystal clear, memorising 24 chapters never been so effortless and energy level never been so long-lasting.

Yeah I know, We’re mentally and physically drained after a long day of mundane routine. Rest is what we need to recharge our overworked torso and to recover our tired soul. Twisting and flexing our body on a mat sounds doesn't even fit into the scenario.

Well, that’s my preconceptions and I believe that’s what most of the people think. We should and we need to rest (lounging on sofa, scrolling Instagram on bed etc) instead of hitting the mat getting ourselves perspired when we’re worn out by daily chores.

But if you think about it, such lifestyle would only become a vicious cycle that never end until you decided to break away form your usual work-rest-work-rest-routine..

4 months ago, I was suffering with relatively severe indigestion (still managing with it now). My bloating and burping symptoms has affected my appetite, my daily mood, my drive in life. Pessimism began to creep in which resulted in low energy-level and the route ahead became dimmer all of a sudden…

That was my down-period, well it didnt last long luckily, thanks to yoga! I became more aware of my own body, able to control over my mind & most importantly I’m way more motivated and optimistic in life!

TRY IT OUT! Prove me wrong ;)